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Venus square Uranus

venus square uranus, uranus vensu astrology, uranus venus aspects, uranus venus synasty, uranus venus loveSo you see, as intense as they got, things have a way of snapping back. After all, it’s not that THEIR value system clashed with your OWN values – no.

It’s ALL of our values.

We are ALL undergoing a massive shift in seeing things for what they’re truly worth. Underlying many of the things we once held precious – those strings that bound us all together – is a whole bunch of stuff that is rooted in transgenerational drama and manipulation. All this is starting to become transparent. Those of us who are aware enough to see right through these subversive tactics also know that they must NOT go on any longer. We must stop perpetuating these dramas between us.

Today we draw the line.

Not going backwards (any more).
NOT selling ourselves out for a bunch of stuff whose worth to our spiritual growth has visibly expired.

It’s time to sell up – not sell out.
Today we consciously choose to cease to compulsively keep buying into any more of that toxic crap.


Originally published 7 February, 2016

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