Relationship Reading – Synastry & Composite Analysis

Whether your relationship is brand new or time-tested but reaching a significant crossroads, your path forward with someone is often shrouded in uncertainty and emotional turbulence. If you’re facing relational hardships or simply trying to make sense of complex dynamics, our “Comprehensive Relationship Reading” offers a crucial, cosmic perspective. Designed for those thoughtfully navigating significant life shifts, making important partnership decisions, this in-depth analysis provides not just pinpoint clarity, but actionable insights into the planetary forces shaping your interactions.

Unlock the complexities of your relationships with our multi-layered “Relationship Reading” service. This isn’t a one-note astrological check; it’s a deep dive that navigates the celestial dynamics influencing you and your partner—whether in romance, business, or family.

Step 1: Individual Analysis
First off, we dissect each individual’s natal chart. Get a crystal-clear understanding of your own and your partner’s needs, drives, and hang-ups. It’s like peeling an onion; we go layers deep to unearth personality quirks, emotional responses, and even karmic influences.

Step 2: Synastry Chart Reading
Next, we overlay your natal chart with that of your partner—a technique known as Synastry. This reveals the inherent compatibilities and friction points between you two. Love might be written in the stars, but so are challenges. We identify where your planets harmonize and clash, revealing the cosmic forces pulling you closer or driving a wedge.

Step 3: Composite Chart Analysis
Think of this as the birth chart of your relationship. We blend both your natal charts to create a composite—a single chart that encapsulates the essence of your union. This tells you what kind of ‘entity’ your relationship is, highlighting shared goals, collective challenges, and the destiny you’re co-creating.

Step 4: Transit/Progressed Chart Potentials
Finally, we turn our gaze to the future. Using transit and progressed charts, we assess the ‘seasons’ your relationship will likely go through. Whether you’re about to hit a passionate summer or brace for a challenging winter, we identify the critical periods and give you the tools to navigate them.

Duration: 80 minutes
Cost: USD 180.00
Note: This service is available on a one-on-one basis for existing clients.

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