Pisces/Pisces Rising Empowering Horoscope Message for the Aries Full Moon 2019 Non-members

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So here’s the Full Moon conundrum: How to be everything you ever wanted to be, fulfil your greatest ever potential and still be able to support yourself and family in doing what you love to do?

Making sure you align yourself to a worthwhile group ideal or future vision is one way. Developing a network of people who are all in favour of a reformed society can bring tremendous rewards, and in the years where Pluto has been in Capricorn (2008-2024), there has been many a meaningful effort to this end. But the period has not been without its extreme upsets and torrential power struggles. This lunation again poses another situation where, if you are not working in the spirit of bringing on a collective growth and evolution, things could go terribly wrong.

The big test here is whether you’re simply in it for yourself or to benefit everyone. Sometimes, in the course of things, we lose sight of the big objective and why it was that we enjoyed any success or power in the first place.

In one sense, you must know that unless you open yourself up, making it easier for those who are in genuine need of your special skills, talents or resources to access you, that you’re actually bringing negativity, spite and suspicion upon yourself.

This doesn’t mean you have to put yourself out there for nothing. Just that getting paid and material rewards should not be the only impetus. You are capable of making some amazing contributions – offering something of yourself that only you can do.

Working collaboratively with the team means everyone must share in the prize, and you must mind that you do not lose sight of the big ideal when working together to make it all. Your unique participation is important but you must guard against feeling like you are worth more and others less. Conversely, you may find yourself in a situation where others look upon you as a threat or are trying to exploit you for their own ends and means.

The Libran Sun activates a strange energetic in you that in one sense sees you becoming embroiled in relationships with partners where power and control, often strategic in nature, is the main theme. On one level, you struggle to protect yourself from being played or feeling emotionally manipulated by others. Yet at the same time – if you look at your situation objectively now – you may see how it is you who puts themselves in highly compromising situations, where you somehow end up being manipulated, simply because you are in many ways dependent on them to get what you want.

Now at the moment, it might feel as though it’s difficult to get a balanced perspective on the give-and-take that’s required here, and it may, of course, appear like you’re making all the sacrifices and getting little in return. But learning to work with that will eventually help you to achieve the right balance. It isn’t easy for you to completely let go of any expectations, mainly because you are wary of anyone gaining control over your creativity or your sense of power to make your own decisions, but you have to understand that your continued development means having to develop trust that what you’re doing for others is actually not going to take away from anything that you already have.

Relax. Investing your skills in some worthwhile contribution to society is the best investment that you can make. You cannot possibly lose from making such a commitment. The old saying “nothing ventured, nothing gained” is going to have to be your mantra at this critically decisive point in your life.

Try not to let your hang-ups over making a buck stop you from doing the most amazing thing you could possibly do. Don’t lose the earnest love and support you have already gathered from those around you.

You will see (if you only look around) that this is the biggest problem with today’s society: why people are so mean, and why the world is in so torn apart, incapable of understanding the real value of compassion.

Do not be afraid to shine your incredible light by demonstrating the depth of your humanity. Make yourself the living example of someone who can illuminate the way against ignorance and greed by exuding the spirit of your abundant generosity and soul-wisdom.

You will see – your efforts shall not go unrewarded.

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