Comprehensive Chart Reading

For all new clients and clients that have not had a session within the last 4 years, the comprehensive natal chart reading offers a penetrating view of the mental and emotional processes that constitute the psychic structure of your personality. The symbolic language of astrology offers a rich and deeply unrestricted understanding of your unique place in the scheme of things, both in the mundane and personal sense.

In this session, Ang provides a full analysis of your birth chart using warm, personable style, identifying key behavioural strengths, natural aptitudes and tendencies to karmic afflictions. Each area of your life, ie., personality, family ties, work, career, relationships etc. reveals both known and untapped potentials for success. These are described in a language that is both sensitive and compelling, and Ang’s light, inimitably humorous approach helps you see how your birth moment is your soul’s very unique cosmic contract with the universe.

Placed against current planetary trends, Ang looks at the current stage of your individual development and what you have to look forward to.

USD 225.00

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