[image: Evgeniy Monahov]

The past few days have been highly triggering, marked by Venus squaring Chiron. As an emotionally wounded Venus squares Eris and sextiles Uranus, we might find it easier to protect our sensitivities by shutting out and detaching from what seems so difficult or discordant.

There is, however, a crucial difference between shutting shit down and strategic disengagement. Knowing the difference is crucial. When it feels as though the world around you and the mass media largely ignore your concerns through their delusional interpretations and unscrupulous presentation skills, ultimately society risks becoming dangerously incapable of addressing its own dilemmas. This incapability cripples the public’s ability to change and improve.

In the coming days, expect a series of significantly radical shifts happening in rapid succession. You will feel them as though you have felt driven over the line, beyond your threshold of tolerance. This period calls for sudden detachment, disengagement, and learning to look at things from a whole other perspective.

Watch how you feel compelled to change it up. Realise the power of shifting your point of view. Watch too how radicalised those who cannot accept opposing viewpoints become, lashing out, potentially violently by mid-July.

Watch it…

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