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Ok, so SATURN’s now officially retrograde in Pisces. From here on till November, expect an intense period of introspection and recalibration of your “reality complex”, especially if you have natal planets between 12°41′ and 19°25′ of mutable signs.

Whether you’re directly affected or not, we’re all going to revisit the essence of these past few months somehow—Saturn entered the Rx zone on 23 March 2024—there’s hard lessons in there for us.

Don’t worry.
Time to suck it up.

It should not surprise you if you feel as though your struggles are heavier than anyone else’s. Should others sound like they’re in the same boat, get tfo and swim away from them before you drown in each other’s sorrows.

Also, you might be extra prone to dwell on old grievances, long after the chance to do anything about them has passed. Saturn’s a bitch like that. Stiff shit. Learn not to fret those past regrets.

Confidence might be at an all-time low, too, during this time (peaks in early Aug), leading some of us to throw it all in when the odds are stacked against us. Try not to rely on anyone out there for your inspiration or for someone to blame. Seriously, if you start that you’re only going to fall into a bad case of the sads.

Let’s be real—the approval you truly crave has to come from within, from recognising your own inner worth. Sure, we’ll find the power to boldly conquer the world and all its problems, but if we hang back, waiting for some powerful force from out there to fight our battles, we’re only setting ourselves up for major disappointment. I mean, you all saw those muppets on TV the other night, right? The outer world and all its ‘structures’ is on the slide.

It might be a little on “down” side, but trust—this Rx period will convert our lack of confidence into a powerful inner knowing, aligning us more closely with our soul mission than anything. We’re edging closer, I promise you. We just need to find inner strength to navigate the outer world on our own now. This means learning to let go of the co-dependent guide rails, cultivating spiritual fortitude without busting into anger, aggression and hateful vitriole. Those there around you be your brothers and sisters, y’all.

Just know this—’cause Neptune’s allso flipping retro soon—the understanding we’re all seeking now is fully non-verbal; we must listen to our inner guidance—that’s the SOURCE of our creative potential.

Bus folks, I’ll be around with Cosmic Bus for a full live update early next week. Please stay tuned for details.

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