Now NEPTUNE is retrograde at 29°♓56′. This critical degree marks the height of illusion, smokescreens, dirty tricks and chicanery. The universe aims to bring about a total dissolution. Nothing seems real anymore. Everyone is suspecting everyone of being a little disengaged, incoherent, delusional, silly, mentally ill or unstable. These are not ordinary times. Something extraordinary is happening here.

Stopping short just 0º4′ before the ARIES POINT is quite a rare feat for this colossal gas giant, not occurring since the 1860s. All over the world, the tides are about to turn. These are extraordinary times, calling for ordinary people to rise up and unleash a tidal wave of extraordinary magnitude.

Big decisions to be made about the state of where our world’s at these days. For one, the collective dissonance is off the charts, we know that. For another, it’s getting so extreme it’s almost scary. It’s hard to see where we’re going when it seems everyone around us has either receded into the background or is gradually spiralling out of control before our eyes. What to do?

One thing that’s been there since the dawn of consciousness to give us some perspective is the stars…

(and Cosmic Bus, of course)

…I’ll be stopping by around this time tomorrow to lend a little guidance, if you care to join me live. I look forward to it very much.

It’s always comforting to know we can count on the stars to give us the big-picture heads up. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, they provide a constant, guiding presence, and i for one am grateful to use their signposts to navigate through life’s complexities with a sense of stability and clarity. I look forward to your loving company:

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