[image: Michele DeCampo] 

Venus Cazimi in Gemini—a powerful moment, where the energies of love, beauty, and harmony are twin-peaking, where twin flames, twin souls, biological, astronomical, and mythological twins are likely to attract, as well as the déjà vu notion of living in twin cities, in parallel dimensions.

Being in the twin mode is the height of intuitive awareness. And when you know, you just know. No need to explain your soul to that other person; they just get you, totally. No need for tips or clues on how you wish to be treated; it comes as second nature to them. They got your back. No question about your self-worth at all ’cause they always make you feel like the most important person in the world. Your twin soulmate ought to shine a profound sense of recognition and understanding of your soul mission, and just feel good without the typical egocentric baggage…

Who’s your buddy now?

Venus Cazimi Gemini Sun, boom—powerscopic:

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