[image: Michele DeCampo]

SUN/VENUS now in Gemini, squaring SATURN in Pisces, and you might hear all kinds of tall tales and true of karmic woes, both past and present; love stories that didn’t go so well, marked by difficulties caused by the demands of responsibility and family pressure on one hand, and dereliction of duties on the other; stories of being kept, held, pimped out and eventually released with heavy hearts.

Listen out for narratives filled with jealousy, betrayal, and the high price we sometimes pay just to be in relationship—the joy we forfeit and the sovereignty we defer just to repay the karmic burdens we feel we owe—in this and in our past lives.

Saturn is the weight of things we feel we can’t get out of.
It’s all in your head, though.
You just don’t know it yet.
Time will tell.

One way or another, whether you’re a flatterer, a selfish little fungus, a coward, or a legend, this transit speaks to the complexities of love and desire and where we get stuck sometimes. It brings up lessons from prior sufferings and teaches us now, especially, about the preciousness of trust and the cost of betraying the heart.

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