One has to wonder if it’s this era of anxiety and stress to be considered significant, relevant, etc. that causes people to retreat to the comfort of their delusions, or if it’s the widespread delusional departure from who we really are that’s created this era of anxiety and stress.

Where does it end? What will it take for us to come to grips with what’s really going on here?

[image: Jason Palmer]

In a few hours, Saturn will turn retrograde near the 20th degree of Pisces. As Saturn retrogrades this fantastical sign, it drags us through the muck of our unresolved dreams and illusions, forcing us to confront and reshape the boundaries of fantasies and the limits of our delusions. The initial phase feels like being stuck in quicksand, caught in the mire of a belief that may be so false it’s toxic but too scary and confronting to relinquish. As internal issues take precedence, our guilt and fears start to kick in. Saturn revisits past degrees, compelling us to reflect on our irrational ideals or misconceivable actions and their current relevance.

It’s a hard slog to admit that we may not only have been kidding ourselves, but others around us. That’s really hard. Nobody wants to look like a fool. Whether we wish to believe what isn’t true or refuse to believe what is true, this retrograde period will somehow attempt to bring us out of our hypnotic trance of incredulity, which, with Neptune not too far off, might require some heavy-grade stimulants coupled with divine levels of intervention.

Yes, however satisfying and reassuring, it is apparent we are in the deepest, thickest fog of collective reality-denial ever witnessed.

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