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After 40 days in his fiery Aries domicile, MARS now enters Taurus, and it’s a slow burn till July 20 when our celestial warlord saunters into Gemini.

Things shift considerably through this time, as Mars in this fixed-earth sign aims to satisfy our most sensual, material and practical desires. Energy is stable, controlled, and persistent, allowing us to relent to the point of completion. “Slow and steady wins the race,” they say, with an eye for meticulous design and the construction of things that will stand, even in this age of tumbling-down buildings.

It’s a relatively ‘easier’ time, building to the conjunction with URANUS on July 15, when all anyone will want is to be in a place they’re not trying to get out of.

**Strangely, the tensest period will be this week when Mars squares off with PLUTO (tomorrow), then activates the brutal Saturn/Pluto midpoint (Thurs). We staunchly hold our ground in any encounter here. You can take any standoff as a sign—a downpayment of how incensed the bull gets when (by mid-August) dark forces threaten to take away the very thing we cherish most.

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