[art: Olly Jeavons]

Let’s be real here: relationships, like war, can be damned brutal if one aims to stay true to their character. The real horror lies in the decay of moral integrity and passion, where, in our complacency and codependent little habits, we fall into believing that nothing is worth fighting for; that nothing means anything.

When people become mere tools, patsies in the hands of a selfish, manipulative partner, allowing themselves to be used for personal gain, it degrades their spirit. However, a fight to protect against emotional tyranny, driven by shared ideals for truth and justice, chosen freely and pursued honestly, can lead to profound karmic transformation.

That may sound lofty and a lot of effort, but face it—any person unwilling to fight for anything, preferring their safety and personal comfort over all else, is miserable and doomed to hellish enslavement unless liberated by stronger, more determined individuals.

Even those so-called ‘champions of the people’ seem more self-interested than anything or anyone else these days.

Since the struggle between injustice and justice is eternal, individuals must be ready to fight for themselves in relationships, just as they would for their own kind on the battlefield.

The MOON on the Libra South Node opposing MARS on the Aries North. You know exactly what I’m talking about…

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