[image: Kryztofah Daniel] 

You’re no stooge—you’ve developed a knack for sniffing out the real story behind the smoke and mirrors, a kind of x-ray vision to see through others’ selfish agenda, which kinda foils their sinister operation as soon as you call them out.

As the Sun shifts into Gemini, your radar for the hidden, the unspoken, and the obscure is getting sharper than ever.

And with the SUN sextile NEPTUNE and trine to PLUTO, your perspicacity—the ability to peel back layers—is your new superpower. Why, heck, you can even spot the real pictures from those generated by AI. Well, at least some of them! At least you’re starting to realise that almost everything around you is now mostly generated by robots, automated algorithms and AI, and, like it or not, this gives you strange new powers on how to cut through the bullshit world of tomorrow, make it (your kind of) real.

Good for you! And with the Sadge Full Moon just three days out, it’s about what you do with the truths that you uncover. Yes, there are many toxic villains out there, most of them lurking in the dark recesses of our own ignorance and wishful misconceptions. Yet, with a veritable treasure trove of novel gadgets and our boundless human creativity, we’re no longer just zombified consumer bystanders – we’re freakin’ superheroes in the making—veritable creator-gods, each with the potential to step up and reshape our life narrative beyond wildest imagination.

Sure, there’s a fight on our hands, but It’s now time to wield your newfound powers; get busy and craft your own epic saga.

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