[art: Viktor Nizovtsev]

We’re in for a trove of planetary conjunctions this month, and the VENUS/NEPTUNE (next 12 hours) dreams a little dream of ideal love, where fantasies can cloud judgment, leading to some way out fanciful notions and utterly naive choices. Careful what you wish for, specially round these eclipses, for life—unforgiving as it is—ain’t gonna coddle any poor deluded fool’s misplaced optimism.

On the flipside, this transit also holds the power to melt the hardened hearts of even the most stoic of cynics converting them into maybe believers. With enough faith and forgiveness Neptune can, after all, make the ultimate fantasy come to life. Falling in love under this aspect can feel especially fated and magical, overlooking all faults and turning even the most jaded individuals into ardent disciples of love’s transcendent splendour.

Take it easy bae. Take it as it comes…

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