Feelings of insecurity, sadness, fear, loneliness, and shame yet still, an insatiable longing to be loved, cherished and adored. VENUS just entered Pisces, from whence she will preside over the South Node Libra Lunar Eclipse in a couple of weeks.

I mean… how vulnerable do you want your narcissists?

Here, where the veil thins, the guardians of the deep stir, not to terrify but to beckon, with the gentle call of the abyss, where the ancient wisdom of the waters, and the secrets long submerged, rise to meet us at the door of the unknown, no longer fearsome but as guides, luminous and inviting, bridging worlds….

Deep down, many narcissists harbour feelings of inadequacy and fear of being exposed for their interpersonal shortcomings: their fraudulent behaviour, their psychopathic assault on humanity, their incapacity to form but only the most superficial contacts, avoiding any depth of genuine connection, consuming human kindness like rocket fuel, and reacting horribly defensively or dismissively when found out, confronted with criticism or having to answer to the emotional needs of others.

watch what happens…

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