By Sunday, the Pisces SUN will pass before his dispositor NEPTUNE, who, by applying an extraordinary outpour of otherworldly emotion, will try to weaken and diffuse, if not completely dilute your will.

Things get super-weird from here on, and in the highest possible sense, the misty Neptune on the Pisces Sun can help to mistify your ego and disperse your mystical soul far and wide, allowing everyone to get a whiff of the quintessential part of you- whatever morsel sets you apart in every situation and interaction.

With a little mindfulness, harness these intergalactic waves, work with them, or, conversely, do some cosmic jujitsu, deflect and redirect them into something magical.

Remember, you—whoever “you” are— is far from ordinary. From the time you entered this world, you brought with you the nucleus of unique gifts and talents that, when cultivated and expressed, have the power to illuminate your path, allowing you to thrive and excel in a most unique manner by easing the way for others.

What is it you do better, easier than anyone else? What do you do that nobody else can do, seemingly effortlessly? How do you show your love; your kindness?

Use some of that to be an essential part of the whole. Express your divine nature to liberate yourself from the constraints imposed by others’ perceptions that you are just an indifferent player in life’s cosmic drama.

Step into your Solar centre. Become the star of your own story.

Through the illuminating force of the Sun, Neptune reminds us that our existence here, on this planet, wasn’t to learn to conform to someone else’s blueprint. You are not merely a planet in someone else’s horoscope; you are learning to remember that you are your own Sun, the protagonist of your own show.

If you are playing a bit part in someone else’s energy vortex, then this transit will cause you to feel weak, despondent, fraudulent, and insignificant. You will feel the drag, may try to resist or go utterly limp and impotent, refuse to partake or seek a way to escape. You may do the unthinkable, cheat, lie, and betray just to get out.

Sadly, this is also part of the cosmic plan, especially if others have held dominion over your will, deceived you, and enslaved you into their cabal for way too long.

As a result, your body may fall ill, your mind distracted, and your spirit deflated. Neptune can be a most debilitating force upon the Sun.

This is a most sensitive time, so listen carefully to the subtle signs, in particular to anything that makes you feel queasy, uneasy or uncertain. It is a call to emancipate yourself; find a way loose from the oppressive. Realise that your self-doubt and cynicism only conspire to diminish your extraordinary potential. Distance yourself from such inhibitions, and you’ll find that your path to success remains undiluted, vibrant, and promising.

You have your own journey to experience; embark on it wholeheartedly! As the Sun approaches the Aries point (March 20) you will find a way to reignite the inner spark that fuels your highest aspirations, dreams, and love affairs. Take charge of your narrative and live authentically without excuses.

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