In the precarious space between eclipses, we find ourselves suspended in a strange liminal zone, a threshold between all that was and all that could be. It’s in this celestial interlude, this cosmic purgatory, that we’re reminded that binding our hearts to the indecision of another binds us to a standstill, halting the flow of our own destiny.

As celestial luminaries align around the Nodal axis, the universe holds its breath in anticipation while us down here get set to be pushed off the edge. The life you yearn to build, the dreams that sparkle in the quiet of the night – they depend not upon the nod of affirmation or disapproval from another, but the fierce resolve within.

This might feel numb, but seize this cardinal inter-eclipse limbo as a sacred pause, a moment to gently but firmly reclaim your heart from the hands of hesitation. The stars do not wait; they blaze trails across the sky in a dance of timeless atavistic light. You, too, have but a few spins to go around the sun to etch your path.

Let go. Do not become the thing that eclipses your own destiny. Quit making others become that excuse either. The cosmic reset button gleams, glowing with the promise of exciting new beginnings. As one eclipse shadows the past and another prepares to unveil the future, have the courage to stand in your own light. Prepare to live boldly, unapologetically; be the architect and builder of your joy.

The universe murmurs in a low hum vibe, in the harried silence between shadows, “Live your life!”

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