[art: Raoof Haghighi]

watching Venus closely…

See, that’s the thing with you—they never quite really got you, did they? Maybe your heart was broken, several times, pieces scattered and, though pieced back together, never again fitting quite the same. You’re not the same, you’re this beautiful enigma: infuriating yet endearing, obstinate yet evolved beyond words, insufferable yet so deeply empathetic. In all your cracks and homemade patches, there’s a story, a depth that’s both your curse and your cure. And amidst all this—the drama, the complexity, the raw, unfiltered emotion—lies your true strength. That heart, though shattered and rebuilt by all life’s trials, beats all the harder for it. You’re not just whole again; in all your reconstructions, you’re a magnificent piece of work. They never got you, but it doesn’t change the fact: you’re perfectly, stunningly, beautifully you.

In my client work, I frequently see a history of inconsistent parenting, abuse, trauma, excessive pampering or idealisation, neglect or emotional unavailability, and exposure to narcissistic behaviours aligning with a challenged Venus, especially in hard aspects to outers like Pluto and often Chiron. Such contacts betray a profoundly marred ability to love healthily. This Venusian blight suggests an intense power struggle in love and relationships, often leading to patterns of inadequacy, where love is equated with pain, control, or loss. When love becomes a battlefield of power dynamics, intimacy triggers deep-seated fears of betrayal or abandonment, and healing and massive shifts are possible, but it takes an extremely aware soul who has the strength to draw boundaries and break the repetitive cycle of abuse.

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