“Which One of Us Is Delusional?” A Guide to the Maze of Epic Misconceptions [Cosmic Bus #2407]

Events around last week's Aquarius New Moon, with its shattering square to Uranus, kinda left us fragmented - inside, outside, and where relationships are concerned, perhaps a little bit of both. Much as we might have wanted them to stay, there is no doubt that things will never be the same, and for good reason. Like it or not, the lunation has catalysed a deep, irrevocable shift, pushing us into uncharted territories of our being and our connections with others. This is assisted further by the Venus/Mars/Pluto stellium at the opening of Aquarius.

The act of parting with past versions of ourselves, or saying farewell to relationships that no longer align with our evolving nature, is inherently laden with a mix of sorrow and liberation. It's a poignant reminder that real soul growth often requires us to confront the burdens and discomfort of letting go to make space for the new seeds of self that are yearning to sprout.

As we approach the upcoming Full Moon in Virgo, opposing the Pisces Sun with Saturn's stern presence, we are compelled to face the ultimate act of separation. While this harshly grounding period signals coming endings, it also opens the gateway to profound healing and maturity. Saturn's role here is pivotal, serving as both a stern teacher and a wise, mature guide, ensuring that the karmic lessons we are meant to learn during this phase are fully integrated​​. Further by, in Aries, Chiron paces over the North Node....

In today's bus ride, I discuss the current forces, and why we are preparing for the most serious part of our journey. Sometimes things are so. It cannot always be easy, and we have kidded ourselves for long enough. Nothing can stand on a foundation of delusions, lies and make-believe for too long. The promise of growth and enlightenment that lies beyond the horizon serves as a beacon of hope, urging us to press on, to evolve, and to emerge stronger, wiser, and more connected to the essence of who we truly are.

Join me here, and let's have a close look at the astrology of now; it's fascinating.

COSMIC BUS Schedule:

Friday, Feb 16, 2024:
First Quarter Moon in Taurus (27°♉26') opposing Sun in Aquarius (27°♒26')
Venus glides into Aquarius

Saturday, Feb 17, 2024:
Mercury squares off with Uranus (19°♒17' Aquarius vs. 19°♉17' Taurus)
Venus aligns with Pluto in Aquarius (00°♒52')

Monday, Feb 19, 2024:
Sun makes its entrance into Pisces
Chiron meets the North Node in Aries (16°♈45')

Thursday, Feb 22, 2024:
Venus and Mars unite in Aquarius (06°♒58')

Friday, Feb 23, 2024:
Mercury transitions into Pisces

Saturday, Feb 24, 2024:
Full Moon in Virgo (05°♍23') opposite Sun in Pisces (05°♓23')

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