In Preparation for Friday’s New Moon

[image: banksy]

The recent weeks have progressed from mere discomfort to a palpable tension and unease. An electrifying undercurrent is stirring; nobody knows what’s afoot, its nature shrouded in mystery, yet its presence is undeniably unnerving.

“Make like it’s not there; make like it’s not happening” we hope… Yet, as a result of ignorance, each day unfurls a bewildering new spectacle, a grand diversion, trying to distract our gaze from the colossal elephant in the room, which seems to be swelling under our very noses, looming ever larger, more odorous, onerously more odious by the hour…

Friday’s Aquarius New Moon hints at sweeping new upgrades and reforms, and yet, a tight square to URANUS in Taurus, its dispositor, suggests that whatever the news, it’s not going to go down so well…

Meantime, I’ve decided to put your horoscopes out early for this lunation, I think you should be prepared for this bull….

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