VENUS/MERCURY/MARS at the Capricorn Summit

[image: markus zeljkovitch]

Looking towards Capricorn, there’s a still hubbub of hobnobbing up top. Seems we’re still struggling for some sense of legitimacy and to maintain the illusion of social relevance, despite PLUTO’s near-full unravelling of the whole hierarchy of patriarchy malarkey. With VENUS now joining a soon-to-conjunct MERCURY/MARS, each plucky duck is jostling for position at that industrial summit, hoping to claim some prestige. And why the hell not? We worked hard for all this, right? We deserve…

In contrast, the Moon in Cancer, reflecting public sentiment, seeks down-low solace and privacy, unimpressed by the rancid display of stinking ambition. Meanwhile, Chiron in Aries, bearing the scars of past battles, stands as a poignant reminder of vulnerabilities yet to be addressed. Wounds are about to get triggered (again).

A little showdown is coming; everyone wants to come out on top, but it’s tight up there, and it’s hard to back down when your ego’s got so much invested in achieving such a limited outcome. In this cruel cosmic melée, apologies and mercy are hard-won, particularly when pride and a fixed vision of success are so at stake.

Someone could really cop a humiliating blow, is basically what we’re saying here…

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