[art: Noelia Towers] 

It all catches up when the SUN SQUARES CHIRON, so:

If you’re hurting, you must find a way to heal.
If you’re mourning a loss, take the time to grieve.
If the road ahead is blocked, get on top of clearing the way.
If you’re feeling shame and remorse, don’t hesitate to make amends.

Seriously, there’s no time for doubts and fears here – you gotta trust that you and only you know how to fix what’s wrong with you, and find the courage to step up and fix it.

The Cap SUN also becomes besieged by MARS/PLUTO, each at the critical degree of Capricorn; things can be severely harsh, even for those who are used to a good beating, but it’s all relative and as they say, “cruel to be kind, in the right measure…” sometimes the only way to move the project forward. Do expect to see some grievous measures, though.

Significant shifts as Mars’ goes from expansive, opportunistic Sagittarius to sober and restrained Capricorn. In Sadge, Mars’ energy is fiery and impulsive, favouring unbridled action and exploration. This phase may have led to spontaneous, unfocused actions. At the anaretic degree, the transitional point between signs, the shift is intensified – a pivotal change in approach and energy.

In Capricorn, Mars becomes exalted, channelling its drive through discipline and strategy. A number of softer aspects during this period (4 Jan -13 Feb) suggest a shift from hasty actions to more deliberate, goal-oriented approaches and may encourage a more restrained, thoughtful approach to conflicts. In any case, a conjunction with Pluto at 00º Aquarius ensures radical reversals and considerable retaliation if aggressive or coercive measures are not curbed.

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