Pluto’s Shift to Aquarius [COSMIC BUS TOMORROW]

[image by Kalopsia]

Everyone’s buzzing hard about Pluto’s entry into Aquarius – you know, the whole humanitarianism, equality, groundbreaking innovation, freedom, independence hype. These are all great things, but remember, Pluto’s all about the slow and gradual rot, annihilation and the complete renewal of whatever it touches. Like a steam roller, its effects are usually quite devastating upon all the things, particularly initially.

Like how it totally trashed the global economy (and our trust in institutions) when it rolled into Capricorn in ’08. And who remembers how the internet explosion in ’95 wiped out old-school learning hubs, and spawned a wave of religious fanatics when it zipped into Sadge?. Or how the AIDS crisis ruined our sex lives once it hit the Scorpio phase in ’83? ….Some examples.

Despite not being 100% done with Capricorn, Pluto’s transition into Aquarius is going to hit us hardest. Not only because Pluto is in his fall through Aquarius (power and equality are natural enemies), but because this most turbulent time lasts for 20 years. There’ll be phenomenal advancements, for sure, but geez… those heinous sex cats in power won’t like it one bit.

Things pick up an extraordinary pace, with sudden twists and turns so extreme that it absolutely trashes the gearbox with which this 3D thing actually came equipped.

Get ready for the wildest time of your life; the switch to Aquarius expeditiously hurls one revolt after another, swinging us from extreme left to extreme right so violently that we finally learn not to trust a thing other than our vigilance to keep us in the present tense and our capacity to handle ourselves as adeptly as possible. Now, that may not be saying much for many folks, but isn’t that what real evolution is about?

On TOMORROW’S COSMIC BUS EPISODE, broadcast live on Facebook at our regular time, we discuss Pluto’s interim shift from this Sunday to Sep 2, which, as the Magic 8 Ball reads: “cannot predict now.”

Since no game can be fixed, no system can no longer be accurately rigged, and for once, we feel both exhilarated and immensely nervous about how things might turn out…

Of course, all this makes my job more interesting, so I’m happy to be on the front line of these spiritual revolutions, join us here; it’s all so exciting, this ride…

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