[art: Caitlyn Grabenstein]

People not only consume propaganda and conspiracy spin, but they also actively craft and disseminate their own personal narratives, and, in the same way, they fabricate and manipulate their own individual truths and realities.

Whatever is happening, ie. whatever you think is happening and whatever you believe is happening and hence eager to convince everyone around you ‘is happening’ (☿♐), is generally happening because we’re all in a bind to shape our reality. This is not new. What’s new is that this time, there’s more of us spinning it across a borderless/boundless dimension (♆♓) without the responsibility of having to be accountable for the ‘reality’ we create.

After all, it’s all stories, but when Neptune interacts with Mercury, it often indicates a rich imagination and intuitive thinking, which is nice on a clear day, but when cloudy, it can also lead to less desirable outcomes like false thinking, poor judgment, and overactive fantasies and wishful thinking. Neptune can blur the lines between reality and fantasy, leading to a distortion of perception and thinking processes, a key source of conspiracy theories, magical tales and miracles. An overactive imagination influenced by Neptune can create intricate, albeit confused, ideas and narratives that deviate from logical and rational thought processes. Such deviations can show up as the most outlandish theories or beliefs in alternate realities that are not supported by evidence or logical reasoning.

Sure, the world is a bit screwed, so our natural tendency to avoid its unpleasant realities, combined with a predilection for easy-to-find mental escapisms, can further exacerbate this inclination. However, when faced with hard, awful, ugly truths or social problems, our subconscious yearning towards creating alternate explanations or theories that align more comfortably with our preferred, lazy, unreasonable or stupid internal narrative is natural, regardless of their factual inaccuracy.

As an astrologer, I see a lot; hear a lot of stories. I have been trained to stay sceptical, always. I generally lean to the heuristic principles of Hanlon’s Razor, which says, “Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity”. This simply suggests that most bad things people do are not done out of evil, but sheer incompetence. Sadly, I often see how the interplay of a hyperactive imagination, avoidance of harsh realities, and distorted perceptions influenced by Neptune’s interaction with Mercury​​ (or other planets) messes up people’s picture.

Sometimes it’s good to reserve judgment and approach life’s enormously unsolvable complexities with a sense of humility and openness. At least a sense of humour. When Neptune squares Mercury, the big challenge is keeping our thoughts and communications clear and straightforward, both internally and with others. The quality of your mind is being tested, and any loose threads in thinking or sloppy attitudes could and will become serious sources of trouble.

Due to the retrograde, Neptune’s tentacles have been squaring a stationing Mercury since around Xmas day, so I hope you took some time out, revisited the premises of your entire argument and in some sense, avoided the pitfalls of muddled thinking and miscommunication.

PS. it’s not a conspiracy when everyone’s naturally inclined to go a certain way, either because they’re really, really stupid or because they’re really, really smart. Think about it.

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