Anomie on the Leo Full Moon

How can a Full Moon feel so empty, you ask?

A concept developed by sociologist Émile Durkheim, anomie refers to a state of normlessness or a breakdown in the social fabric due to the absence or the abysmal diminishing of standards and values. It often occurs during periods of rapid social change or upheaval, where traditional norms have been under such prolonged stress that they are becoming fast eroded without being replaced by new ones. This can lead to feelings of alienation, purposelessness, and social instability, which, during Pluto’s 2024 transition into Aquarius, sets us up for some high-octane nihilistic state of anarchy. This effect becomes starkly evident under this Leo Full Moon, whose t-square to Jupiter/ quincunx to Saturn only aggravates the difficulty of the individual trying to integrate into their society….

How did we get here, you ask? It happened so fast, but it all started in the mid 90’s early 2000’s when Uranus and Neptune were in Aquarius, all kinds of revolutions were going on, but mostly in the alternative worlds and by 2020, when Jupiter/Saturn formed their Grand conjunction at 00º Aquarius, things became official. There was a whole generation of kids raised on social dislocation, dissociation and electronically equipped brain units.

Now that Pluto is at that same degree, the effects are reaching a tipping point. This is what Pluto does, it pushes everything to a point of critical mass….

This era kicks off at the height of breakneck technological leaps, especially in communication, automation, robotics and AI, reshaping our societal fabric and personal connections. Corporatised globalisation has merged diverse cultures, leading to a collective identity crisis. Meanwhile, political polarisation has become so extreme that trust in institutions, governments, religions, media, etc, has become so eroded that shared values are almost completely undermined. Economic inequality keeps on exacerbating societal divisions, breeding alienation among the marginalised, the jobless and the homeless. Environmental fears, like climate change, add to this uncertainty, destabilising societal norms. The relentless deluge of information, especially via social media, obscures the distinction between fact and fiction, weakening our collective hold on shared truths. This will be the greatest threat under Pluto in Aquarius, as the internet becomes possessed with a new intelligence which is anything but human.

Furthermore, this constant overexposure to wars and global crises, like the pandemic, has infused a pervasive sense of nihilism. Bearing witness to these relentless conflicts and widespread sufferings, often in real-time, contributes to a collective desensitisation never before seen, and the questioning of life’s meaning and value takes left, right and centre stage.

‘Anomie’, this ceaseless exposure to global turmoil, combined with the aforementioned societal shifts, leaves us in a state of social and moral uncertainty, where traditional norms are dissolving without clear new paradigms emerging.

Aquarius, symbolises the detachment, the disengagement and dissociation between the mind and the psyche. This is a necessary phase of the soul’s evolution in the process of spiritualisation. Pluto’s astrological influence here reflects in the trends of our current era, and with the Leo Moon, opposite the Sun/Pluto, it strikes us starkly.

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