[image: Nikolay Ninov]

So it’s not just that the Full Moon has us all up in a tizzy over what’s right and wrong with everything and everybody, the Mercury/Mars conjunction, now visible in the predawn skies, opens up all kinds of wounds, especially as it squares off with the Aries North Node and Chiron. Brace yourselves for scab-scathing exchanges and aggravating debates.

The weekend setup is a powder keg for heated arguments and a clash of egos as raw truths surface, and old emotional scars become prodded. Much of it cannot be avoided, yet it’s a time to tread carefully for, with enough consciousness, this is a crucial period for some life-altering healing. Remember, words are like swords, wielded without caution can cut deep, but if used wisely, they can incisively carve the way for profound personal growth and societal change to start happening…

Chiron will closely conjunct the Aries North for most of the next month: