[image: Aaron Jacobson]

Let’s not mince words here, folks. We’re staring down the barrel of some hardcore cosmic ribaldry here, and if it’s the “peace & love” conciliatory approach you’re after, VENUS & PALLAS ATHENA teaming up at the gut-wrenching 10th-degree of Scorpio is hardly your amicable United Nations homecoming delegation.

This nasty combo is all about brokering a ruthless revenge strategy packed with some deep-seated unresolved emotional chutzpah just busting to be unfurled. Why? Well… Scorpio. There’s never any telling why – the grunt is baked deep in there, embedded deep into our collective memory. And that’s all you need to know…

But… if you wanna hear a whopping good story, something that stinks of high-minded moralistic retribution and “the right to take this kind of action”, then the New Moon in Sagittarius, arm in arm with Mars, is the perfect moment to concoct just the explosive, no-holds-barred scoop you need to hear that will claim to justify what’s about to go down here. We’re talking about balls-to-the-wall strategies and tactics that promise only scorched earth in their wake.

So if your honey left for work a little pissed today and you felt it was an overreaction, you better be a qualified bomb-dismantling expert for when poor baby comes home later. Hugs & happy new moon now xx

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