SOLSTICE, and our perception shifts again, from seeing the world as mere concepts and stories to dense matter and particles along the spectrum of respective social constructs. We are all somewhere along the scale, each edging to go higher:

The rich wanna be the richest,
The poor wanna be the wisest,
The rich and wise are all angling for sainthood
The saintly are shooting for martyrdom,
The martyrs wanna be the ones ultimately casting judgment over all of us…

Seems like everyone needs a place along society’s pecking order, even those who say they don’t.

But what about our true inner selves, our divinity?
True divinity is about reaching out. Those higher up need to reach down and those down below reach up.

That’s what being divine is about. The higher powers are always interested in what’s happening below. The lesser mustn’t ruin the greater, the thing they have not earned. Respect where it’s due. Similarly, the greater can uplift the lesser, raising its energy.

Of course, we won’t get into what’s really happening, with Pluto now in Capricorn…

The real work now is like the alchemist’s – raking through the muck to find rough stones that’ll turn into diamonds. And diamonds, the hardest things we know, can shine light most brilliantly once they’re transformed.

Happy Solstice, everyone. Here’s to our journey through the stars together xx

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