“SCREWS ARE TIGHTENING” – Sneak Preview into the Astrology of November [Cosmic Bus #2344]

November brings a few intense moments, including not just a New Moon but a 'New Mars' in Scorpio. Haven't had one of these since 1991, when the Soviet Empire suddenly collapsed into a heap. These days, as all our ancestral ills rise to the surface, it is evident how our distortions and delusions, projected wildly upon the real world, tamper with our psychic nature and biológics. We're living in a sick, sick world which needs healing before we can begin to understand why we feel so alienated inside and out.

This is a month filled with emotional reckonings. It is a time to confront and transmute, and the ducks are all in a row to do or die.

Yes, this is really happening, and whether consciously or not you are pushing for it. Join me here on Cosmic Bus to discuss the incredible energies acting upon us, within us, without...

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