November Transformations [COSMIC BUS LIVE TOMORROW]

[artwork: Tim Kellner]

Yes, Scorpio is pissed, but it matters less who with, or why, than how he deals with the intense emotions that arise from his past grievances. Does he keep it in, all bottled up until it eats away at him, or does he take it out as some act of vengeance, or does he do the superhuman and plumb the depths of his emotions to find healing, understanding, and eventually, a path forward?

It’s the height of Scorpio season, and we are truly in a tizz. On tomorrow’s episode of Cosmic Bus, we take a deeper look at how to deal with our Scorpio problems and charms, drawing on our inexhaustive reserves to shed old skins to prepare for the phenomenal rebirth that follows. Drastic but necessary changes are happening. This process of stripping down and reconstructing is crucial for paving the way to the next phase of our journey, Sagittarius.

Join me live, where we also discuss the major transits of the rest of this month, and why this November spawned a monster.

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