The Façade of Peace [A Pretext for War]: SEPTEMBER 2023

[Art by Luna Ana]

Moments after VENUS gets her act together and turns direct, JUPITER hits the rewind button. That’s September, a cosmic bundle of retrogrades -every single planet’s on a backward spin, except our fiery buddy, MARS, who, crestfallen in Libra, may as well be Rx…


This month sees each of us sliding deeply into our own introspective rabbit holes, rethinking everything, revisiting old choices and decisions, reflecting, fretting and regretting, unable to get over what we must (and forcibly will) as we gear up for the big post-EQUINOX reboot…

Yep, Mars is chill-laxing in Libra, meaning social storms are brewing on the horizon, too many playing nice, masking their true aggfeelings under the façade of peace. But let’s be real: pretending everything’s cool only stokes the fire beneath. If we’re only trying to sidestep drama by faking it, as days roll by, an air of sneaky side-eye vibes creeps in before things inflame into a most climactic blame game. Speak up, speak clear, although with Mercury retro in Virgo, watch you don’t nitpick.

Sometimes, it’s smarter just to zip it for the “peace.” But real harmony? Real peace? Ha! That’s a maze of entanglements no one has the actual courage to broach. Or do they? And winning in relationships? That takes real guts to own your part in the drama. Venus, now direct in Leo, is squaring off with Rx Jupiter—time to prioritise real talk. How much did you sell out for cash or creature comforts? And since Venus calls the shots for Mars in Libra, keep it 100. Ditch the sugar-coated rage, lead with the heart (not the mind) and aim to finish this month with an even-keel.

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