Jupiter starting its 4-month retrograde in Taurus means it’s time to reflect on everything we have amassed (fixed-earth) over the past 11-12 years, not merely material things and money but the attitudes and dogmas we’ve become stuck on.

When in Taurus, Jupiter, the heaviest planet we know, shows us where we tend to be inflexible, pushing our weight around to bully others. Of course, being 2023, an era of cataclysmic change; and with URANUS also in Taurus this retrograde might be just the cosmic jolt we need to shake off our most prized (or stubbornly-held) values and beliefs (or get dragged down into the quagmire), making the remaining 118 days of this year nothing short of spectabulous… hang on now…

Jupiter is virtually at a standstill for about four days (Sep 1-4 at 15°♉35′) before it actually begins retrogression, followed by a trine from the Virgo Sun (Sep 8 ). Jupiter spends almost exactly one year in each sign, its retrograde period lasting till Dec 31, during which time it backtracks precisely 10° to 05°♉35′, stationing direct five days after the trine from the Capricorn Sun.

Jupiter, the expansive and optimistic planet, usually brings growth, knowledge, and broadening horizons. When it retrogrades, there’s a call to look inward, revisiting and redefining attitudes & beliefs. Taurus, a fixed-earth sign, pumps up themes of groundedness, tradition, and stubbornness. The confluence of these energies asks us to tread the tightrope between change and tradition.

PHASE 1: The Rx Onset: Recognising the Retrogradation

At the commencement of Jupiter’s retrograde in Taurus, internal alarm bells start to go off, alerting the inner self (soul) to the potential stagnation of its cherished beliefs. The Taurus energy might push one to cling desperately to long-held views, with a noticeable resistance to shift. The initial phase of this retrograde nudges us to question the relevance of the most stodgy, traditional values in a dynamically changing world.

PHASE 2: Delving Deeper: Re-evaluation of Past Activities

As the retrograde takes us deeper, the pull towards introspection is immediate, as seen with the Virgo Sun trine Jupiter in Taurus (Sep 😎, with its association with materialism and worth, which might provoke feelings of discontent. We start seriously assessing our life’s accomplishments, drawing comparisons with peers. While this phase could be unsettling, it’s absolutely essential, since it’s not merely about gauging success but understanding the metrics of that success. What truly holds value? Is it the external recognition or the personal satisfaction derived from those possessions and achievements?

PHASE 3: The Inner Battle: Re-orienting the Inner Self

This phase is where Taurus’s characteristics are most pronounced, and occurs when the Scorpio Sun opposes the Rx Jupiter (Nov 03, at 10°♏31′). By this time we become even more entrenched in our beliefs, creating a mental fortress. A dogged need to be “right at all costs” might clash with the seeds of change sprouting within. The Jupiter retrograde here forces introspection about personal philosophies. Is being unyielding truly a sign of strength, or is it a mask to hide vulnerability? Herein lies the conundrum: to remain grounded in our beliefs, but be pliable enough to accommodate new insights.

PHASE 4: The Resurgence: Direct Station and Moving Ahead

Before Jupiter begins its direct motion, there’s a release, usually afforded by the Capricorn Sun’s trine, only days before (Dec 25). The insights gained during the retrogradation start shaping a new worldview. Taurus, with its earth-rootedness, assists in this transition as we learn the importance of understated truths, ones that come without fanfare, realising that the real power doesn’t lie in controlling or impressing others but in true self-awareness. The journey towards wisdom becomes one of melding tradition with progressive thinking.

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