“You Can’t Touch This”: MOON CONJUNCT URANUS

[art: Geloy Concepcion]

Watching the Moon glide over the motley cast of celestial characters hasn’t been easy for the proud Leo Sun all the way over there, at the lion’s-park gate.

Luna now hovers over URANUS, and by the time this transit’s through, we may feel it’s best to avoid those relationships built on too many demands (especially the one-sided kind). Mars in Virgo is only too eager to chuck the baby out with the bathwater here but hold on… Virgo always tends to go too hard.

That restlessness you’re feeling is driven by a feeling of being trapped, and that alone can pull the trigger, especially if you think your situation’s so hopeless you have to do something drastic to enforce change. This is more about immediate relief than practical sense, I’m afraid. The result does pull results, though.

Uranus teaches Luna not to get sucked into the lives of needy and emotionally draining people. Sure, we can still get close, even extend our intimacies, but if things get too demanding, we may need to flick that internal resistor switch, back off and create (or demand) healthy space for ourselves. Besides, we’ll only feel more secure knowing that we won’t always be there to support those who suck the living life force out of us…

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