“The Trap of Over-Servitude”: SUN QUINCUNX NEPTUNE

Caught between one’s heroic duty and not wanting to disappoint, we are prone to be swayed by the whimsied needs of other people and forfeit our own creative potential. Sometimes, we do that, thinking we can help, but it’s no good.

Watch now how seemingly trite acts of self-sacrifice leave you prone to feeling exploited. Others do see your willingness to be kind, perhaps a solver of their problems, but be wary for you’ll soon find that their problems are much vaster than you can imagine, and just like fixing a hole in the ocean, you’ll soon suspect you’re being drained of all your precious life resources; progress eludes you because something just can’t work, and while your task may seem noble to you, it beggars lamely towards the trivial and inconsequential to them, and your importance is diminished because you are wholly unaware of their wily or lame intentions, if any at all. And so, likely to fall into the trap of over-servitude, your acute sensitivity leaves you more and more vulnerable, weak and uncertain, even broke, until all you will wanna do is flee. Besides… the honours you seek are all within you.

No one can really be pleased right now anyway; focus on bolstering only your innermost self-interests by gratifying your spiritual urges, and don’t be played like a pawn in someone else’s vague attempts to cheat what fate has all lined up for them…

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