[art: Volker Hermes]

The cosmic tensions mount as the Taurus MOON aligns with JUPITER in her last quarter. Her square to the Leo SUN is one of several, including another with Uranus from retrograde Venus, ruler of both Taurus and Libra, where the South Node squaring Pluto lies.

Squares signify massive stress, a tense dilemma where one thing must yield for another to come through. Under fixed stars, there is no chance of compromise, which is heartbreaking.

Taking on the dignified Leo Sun demands considerable strength to keep up the “righteous and true” campaign. Jupiter in Taurus rests her entire reasoning on material comfort, practicality, and the more tangible aspects of life. With the exalted Moon pulling at our instincts, it’s tough to stand by lofty principles when your job security, stability, and sensual indulgences could be at risk.

How does this quarter Moon/Jupiter in Taurus come into conflict with the Leo Sun, the very embodiment of integrity, honour, and pride? Holding your head high and staying true to yourself can be difficult when it threatens your accustomed level of well-being and means of living. Will you choose honesty knowing it might lead to serious financial losses, or let your true authentic self shine through even if it might jeopardize everything you currently have or hope to gain in the future?

Next week’s New Moon squaring Uranus poses some super-serious questions, but for now, understand that it’s hard to win without turning a blind eye to some degree of suffering and loss…

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