At the anaretic of Gemini, the Sun’s square to Neptune and quincunx to Pluto expose the schisms of a world engulfed in existential crisis. Fear and misinformation still shroud our minds, spreading a canopy of isolation, loneliness, and mental disorders plaguing our society with woe at every station.

The unravelling of our civilization is evident in its increasing homelessness and societal despair. Yet opposite this pitiful darkness, a flicker of primordial light glimmers in the distance, offering the potential for mass awakening. The Solstice Sun promises an uptake in energy, but it requires courage to maintain an open heart amidst the turmoil.

Fueled by unhealed wounds and traumas, the darkness within us demands confrontation. We face a choice: keep hiding, indulging in escapism or bravely step up and confront our inner shadows. The global pandemic is over; it served to intensify both the light and darker aspects of our beings, revealing the interconnectedness of their presence within each of us. The remaining months of this year show us that status gets you nowhere. Only an open heart will allow you to float freely between the lower physical dimensions and the beauty and abundance of the quantum field.

The tension is not about money, class or hierarchies; it is because we are still immersed in the fear-making machinations; our faith in ourselves obscured by the lies and propaganda of the lower world, whose assault on our souls has left us paralysed to accept that there are any alternatives. The tension between light and shade becomes almost unbearable as we strive to embrace our true nature and enlighten the darkness and heaviness within. Pluto, the dark force trying to snuff out our inner light, seeks to derail our journey. We say get ready for the glaringly illuminating blasts of the Solstice Sun…

This is the perfect moment to set your New Moon intention.

Pluto’s only been back in Capricorn 11 days, and cracks in the old establishment are worsening. Seems like the narrative in daddy-day-care’s elaborate fabric of hypocrisy and mind games is going to come apart in spectacular style. Pity so many people are under the spell, they’re probably going to miss the fireworks.

Anyone who’s ever gone through psychosis, abuse, or been subjected to mind manipulation understands the profound toll it plays on their psyche and sense of reality. When you intimately know the depth of the darkness that can permeate your entire inner world and wreak havoc with your external perception, and let’s face it, after the “pandemonium” of the past 3-4 years of mass-psychosis, who doesn’t (?), then you get a deeper sense of the sinister forces at play.

The presence of Pluto in Capricorn has intensified these experiences, unravelling the hidden traumas and wounds that lay buried within our collective consciousness. Pluto, symbolic of the transformative and regenerative power of the dark unknown, and Capricorn, representing structures, systems, and institutions, have merged together to catalyse a mother-fussing hardcore collective awakening. The infiltration of Pluto’s influence into the very foundations of our societal structures has unearthed deep-seated issues that were previously hidden or ignored. Gradually, since 2008, and reaching its climax from around the death of Epstein (Aug 2019), through the pandemic and the subsequent post-pandemic period, Pluto has brought to light the hidden power dynamics, the manipulation, and the entrenched systems of control.

Under Pluto’s hypnotic spell, people have found it practically impossible to imagine the extent and extremity of the lies they have fallen under and have naively assumed to be true. The powers-that-be, informed by Pluto’s influence, have sought to maintain their patriarchal narrative and suppress all questioning, alternative viewpoints and debate. Those who have dared to speak out or challenge the status-quo narrative, tried to shed light on the dark Pluto-inspired goings-on, and tried to speak to power, have become the derisive victims of public hit pieces, professional ridicule, censorship, lockdown and de-platforming.

This official cynical belittlement has created an atmosphere where it feels unsafe to express differing opinions, contributing to a culture of silencing, ostracism, public shaming, and online shadow witchhuntery, where it feels unsafe to reveal who we are or what we think or believe. The essence here is of all the variations on the theme of abuse, driven by Pluto, but ultimately committed by the patriarch, the daddy figure, the custodian, the trusted government of the corporation, the agency that is there to protect the unwitting pundit from all society’s evils. This mockerisation of our feelings and instincts only conveys the message that it’s not safe to authentically and fully express ourselves In this dim, gaslit environment, our rationality, intelligence, and ability to self-reflect have seriously gone out the window replaced by a culture of fear, conformity, and self-censorship.

The shamrock clamdemic and its obligatory aftermath have further amplified these underlying and sinister tactics, because we can see now, after 3 full years of subtle and repeated surveillance, not just by the state but every cocked-up do-gooder social vigilante, that we’ve more or less becoming hypervigilant, fallen into a chronic, deeply unconscious habit of monitoring ourselves, double-checking our environment for narks and screws, constantly assessing and evaluating what’s safe to reveal. This hideously unnatural process has slammed the door on just about every bit of trust we had in one another, opening the door only for Pluto’s preternatural power to silently seep into our lives, paralysing our free-thinking minds, thus reinforcing the systems of control and manipulation.

The mass-transformation you are experiencing ladies & gentlemen, boys, girls & others, is a 248-year circular process that loops back upon itself, self-generating and spinning violently out of control when left unchecked. Over the ages, it has exposed humanity to the fragility of our systems, institutions, and belief systems, demanding by force a profound reevaluation of the structures and institutions upon which our society is built. But then… most people can’t see past last weekend now, can they?

We can see by the amount of light reflecting upon on old dark face, including a quincunx from the anaretic Gemini Sun, that the heat is on Papa to do some ‘splaining. These coming months are going to be very rude for all those who have been complicit in perpetuating the deception.

In our cold-face confrontation of Pluto’s hypnotic spell, it is crucial that we learn to unite and support one another. This is going to be an almost impossible task as Pluto’ square to the Nodes tighens it grip. But by acknowledging each others’ systemic daddy-trauma experiences and validating the cruel realities we endured, we can collectively work towards healing and breaking free from the grip of Pluto’s influence.

That’s how it works. Empowering survivors to reclaim their narratives and rebuild their lives must become an essential part of the greater process of societal transformation. Is there going to be some dark scenes? Of course. Things are going never to have looked so frightful and grotesque – you don’t need an astrologer to predict that. Yet by hearing each other out without trying to excuse our madness, together, we can slowly dismantle the culture of fear, conformity, and self-censorship, and yeah, by the time Pluto enters Aquarius (proper) start to reform systems and amend rights to create a world where diverse voices are celebrated, where truth is honoured (again), and authenticity reigns supreme.

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