Asteroid goddesses play a significant role this June, aligning with central planetary transits to provide additional layers of symbolism, more strongly representing specific feminine qualities and lending a softening influence to our mundane affairs. We’ll be following these closely over the next few weeks.

JUNE 1-9

Vesta, associated with devotion, purity, focus, and dedication, represents the inner flame and the ability to channel our energy into a sacred or meaningful purpose. When Vesta interacts with other planets, she intensifies their focus and commitment to accomplish a sacred purpose, as she does here in Taurus (body, physical matters, self-worth), aligning with Mercury/Uranus to invoke focused energy, mental acuity, and the potential for innovative, revolutionary thinking. This alignment may grant the feminine the ability to influence others and holding space to establish new ideas or inventions.

To harness Vesta’s intensity and dedication, it is wise to channel it into a sacred or meaningful purpose. Focus on maintaining a calm and grounded approach, allowing innovative ideas to manifest without becoming overwhelmed, and balancing the intensity of Vesta’s devotion with a measured and steady pace will help effectively utilise this powerful goddess energy.

JUNE 15-25

Juno symbolizes partnership, marriage, and commitment, and her influence relates to themes of loyalty, compromise, and balance in relationships. When Juno interacts with other planets, she places tremendous focus on committed partnerships and the dynamics within them. Juno’s conjunction to the late-Gemini/early-Cancer Sun indicates that the matriarchal, or partnership voice takes precedence and establishes itself in our most significant relationships. We will not be able to deny her authority.


Pallas-Athena represents wisdom, strategy, creative intelligence, and problem-solving abilities. She is associated with the archetype of the wise counsellor or strategist and when Pallas interacts with other planets, she serves to enhance intellectual capacities, analytical thinking, and the ability to find innovative solutions, her blend with Venus and Mars in Leo empowers us to bring a wise and strategic approach to matters of the heart and to express ourselves authentically and confidently in creative pursuits.

JUNE 5-15

Ceres is the goddess of nurturing, sustenance, and the cycles of life, particularly related to motherhood and parenting. When she interacts with other planets, Ceres adds a nurturing and protective dimension to their energy. For the first couple of weeks of June, Ceres in Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces, a call to balance our practical, hands-on approach to caregiving and nurturing others with our more spiritual nature and deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. There may be a call for healthier boundaries in our parenting and to incorporate spiritual elements into our daily routines.

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