“Will You Rise Above?”: COSMIC BUS TOMORROW

[art: Vilk Stolem]

VENUS & PLUTO are all over next week’s “gimme truth” Sadge FULL MOON, a spate of revelations leaving us demanding to see massive changes in our relationship power dynamics.

If you’ve had enough of the domination, the disillusionments, intense dramas, meltdowns and the interminable threats to end it all, then you’ll know what’s coming. What should have ended, will.

For those who can rise above, conquer their demons, reach mutual compromise, confront hidden impulses with full self-awareness, the rewards are huge. However, it is a challenge that only a few mature individuals will triumph over, and irrepressible Hades gonna hade…

(After all we’ve been through, could we still be friends?
We’ll see…)

Join me tomorrow on the bus, live, usual time….

15:00 UTC – 08:00 PDT – 09:00 MDT – 10:00 CDT – 11:00 EDT – 1:00 AEST – 17:00 SAST

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