“Stubborn Defiance” – SUN CONJUNCT URANUS at 18°56′ TAURUS, Tuesday, May 09, 19:56 UTC

When the Sun aligns with Uranus, all subtlety goes out the window.

Instead, we see bold attempts to grab attention, and those with unchecked egos will lose it, override caution and any consideration for others and do all kinds of crazy, random stuff. Whilst Uranus can bring breakthroughs, it can also provoke shocking twists and turns on our life path, leading to resentment and rebellion. To harness Uranean energy, we must wake up to our true selves, dispel ignorance and fear, and act independently from the influence of others. This is incredibly hard to do under a Sun/Uranus conjunction when the drive for freedom and “truth-telling” becomes amplified, and wildly erratic, over-blasted displays of obstinance and free will ultimately lead to sudden shifts and major, unforeseen life changes.

Watch out for those who are a bit ungrounded, whose damaged, twisted view of reality has managed to warp their entire mainframe manifesto. Their whole worldview and ideology on life may be hinging on any excuse to erupt into unexpected catastrophic efforts at reinventing themselves.

Whilst not always necessary, chaotic situations do help us deal with ourselves more directly and honestly to reform ourselves, especially where freedom and reasonableness have been long suppressed, and a sudden outbreak has occurred. In any emergency, the Sun on Uranus stimulates intuition and accelerates willpower into taking timely action, leading to exciting solutions that draw out an instant grasp of the overall situation and provide a chance to act in an executive or leadership capacity. For those most obstinately ignorant individuals, or even entire tribes who have defied the laws of nature, whose ego is so far up their own buttholes they cannot possibly see any light, big upsets that require enormous cooperation, like rescue efforts after a massive disaster (**see earthquakes/revolutions) will usually snap out of their self-defeating oblivion and recognise the brilliance of other peoples’ ideas and know when to defer to them and cooperate (or bust).

Although Uranus will not pander to the ego, its conjunction to the Taurus Sun helps to awaken us to our self-reliant authenticity and creative ways to harness the earth’s abundance to make a go of things on our own, in our own, undulating terms. Any self-insight gained at this point ultimately helps us take off, like a rocket, in dynamic new directions. However, stubborn egos can become our worst enemy here, and unyielding standoffs – where neither side is willing to give a penny or an inch, will lead to protracted clashes, uprooting confrontations and wars of attrition. This is where Uranus, crestfallen in Taurus, shows its ultimate destructive power. It is difficult to use Uranian energy to act swiftly and adapt to changing circumstances in an easy, reasonable manner. In one sense, the slowness of Taurus can help us avoid impulsive actions and rushing decisions that lack consideration for others. In another, once decisions have been made, they can take ‘ages’ to unlock or reverse.

Tuesday, May 09 2023, at 19:56:08 UTC
Tuesday, May 09 2023, at 19:56:08 UTC

This transit is big on the uptake, then leaves us cold, meaning that it gathers much nervous energy in the lead-up to its partile before causing a momentary awareness (epiphany) that there’s been a break/shift. This is a significant celestial event, like a surge of electrifying energy, empowering people to stand by their intrinsic being. The sudden awareness leaves a lasting impact, forever changing our sense of awareness in areas of our chart affected by (on or near) the conjunction at 18°♉56′.

In any case, after this transit, our individual perspective and staunch individuality become clearer, more defined and stubbornly determined, and it will be easier to willingly separate ourselves from the masses and be our own, autonomous selves.


Bristling breakages, break-ups and breakdowns,
breakaways, breakthroughs, break-ins and break-outs.
These are a few of my favourite things
Something unheard of is trying to begin…

Chaos and maelstrom and sudden disorder,
rumbling upheavals just beyond the border
Rebels protesting, extremely it seems
These are a few of my favourite things.

Deviant minds with unorthodox stances
Eccentric geeks hacking online finances
Insane extremists just blowing up things
Inflicting some of the most frightful stings.

Earthquakes and tremors all along the faultline
Nobody’s fault, but your tensions become mine
Nervously hurling projectiles and things
Let go, you babies, of those apron strings.

Genius scientists full of solutions
radical madmen incite revolutions,
state-of-the-art technological feats
render the old and infirm obsolete.

Tomorrow’s here; don’t hold high expectations
unleash the monsters of experimentation
wake up the woke with your progressive thought
curb your ill temper, don’t look so distraught

Freedom from ‘that’ and from ‘him’ and from ‘it’ now
agitate, shake, liberate and release now
chime the alarm bell for ‘Now’ to begin,
reset anew all my favourite things.

…your eclipse ‘scopes really put this Uranian energy into perspective: