“Seeing Through Darkness”: PLUTO SQUARE THE NODES (July 2023)

[image: David Alvarez]

What effectively began to take hold in 2019 -this mass-mind control to make caring and conscientious people doubt their reality and subtly fold to the manipulative powers of a dark, all-consuming force is now reaching its apex…

No. What is happening here is sick and scary, and you’re not the only one who feels it, although you will be made to feel that way because this is precisely how gaslighting works.

Whilst you may draw upon your own time-ravaged, emotionally-crippled soul to see through what is happening on this planet, everyone else will make you feel crazy for being scared, and should you try to fight it, they will call you the monster and do everything to crush you if not put you away.

In April 2019 [see chart], a year of an inordinate amount of occultations, a rare phenomenon emerged when Pluto, nearing its conjunction with Saturn, aligned with the moon’s South Node. This was characterised by deliberate manipulation of the collective consciousness, its purpose to instil doubt and vulnerability in compassionate individuals, coercing them into submission under the influence of an all-pervasive, powerful, ominous entity. By the end of July this year, this unsettling manifestation has reached its peak.

It is important to acknowledge that what is transpiring here is deeply disturbing and unsettling. Rest assured, you are not alone in sensing this malevolent presence, despite attempts to isolate and invalidate your experiences. This is precisely how gaslighting operates, distorting your perception of psychic reality, and making your mind incapable of communicating what would seem to you as clear as the light of day.

Dark energy fills the universe.

To comprehend the gravity of the situation unfolding on our planet, you must tap into your inner resilience, even if it has been worn down by the traumatic effects and emotional turmoil of history, both personal and collective. Only then can you perceive the truth and summon the courage to resist. Understand that others will try to dismiss your fears, branding you as irrational, while condemning your valiant efforts to confront this pervasive darkness. They will try to castigate and defame you, even banish or detain you.

Some of you already know this.

We await to see how this phenomenon turns around from August on…

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