When Mars squares the Nodes (next 48 hours) we can expect to see:

• People getting into fierce arguments and fights due to impulsive behaviour regarding their pride.

• Folks losing their shit and flipping out at totally wrong times.

• Team projects and diva debuts going haywire because of constant disagreements, demanding circumstances and ongoing power struggles.

• Frustration and annoyance as individuals/corporate performances clash with prevailing community attitudes and expectations.

• Organisations and groups embroiled in internal conflicts and drama.

• Accidents or screw-ups happening because of impulsive actions or lack of focus by some D.I.C.K.

• A lot of pent-up sexual tension coming out in inappropriate, even violent ways.

• casual flings, as geezers seek excitement and variety.

• Losing interest and motivation due to things suddenly getting challenging or “too boring”.

It’s worth noting that there’s been a lot happening at the first degrees of fixed signs (Fixed grand cross), and we’ve been on about this for a couple of weeks.

However, a firey Mars crossing this point is triggering, and events (whether personal or in the collective) can be awful as individual energies attempt to shift stubborn, immovable objects in order to precipitate evolutionary change. What some of you have been experiencing is certainly coming to a head, and, as outlined in the lunation horoscopes, activating all kinds of shifts…

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