“The Space Between Us”: MID-ECLIPSE UPDATE


The space between us is not an empty void but a dynamic field of energy where nodes of connection are generated. These nodes are points of intersection, where bonds are formed or dissolved, ideas are exchanged; where new possibilities emerge while old ones fade away.

In the space between eclipses, pay special attention to the space between us. Find the energetic nexus between you and the object of interest and focus. It’s along these nodes, where the Sun and Moon appear to intersect, the two most imposing bodies in our world, that we can tap into the evolutionary power of our most profound relationships and come to harness their potential for our soul growth and transformation.

As the Sun aligns with the Taurus North Node, focus on cultivating stability, practicality, and material abundance in your life. Use the energy of this alignment to ground yourself and build a solid foundation for your future endeavours. The magic of the space between is that it’s filled with invisible power points that will help you connect with what you need to create your life.

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