LIBRA FULL MOON and the Soul’s Emergence

[art: Daria Kropacheva]

We are desperate now, clutching for some external reference point by which to anchor our reality, to give us bearing on who we are and what role we must play in this world.

No wonder you feel emptier and emptier.
Your old bit-part identity is fading.

Try another approach:
Assume your sense of self isn’t defined by what’s out there,
-a system that values you less and less for the cog-like function you performed in building the corporate machine that is fast learning how to completely run without you,
-a friend or relative to whom you were merely a resource,
-a lover who treated you like an accessory to act out their toxic karmic psycho dramas.

You are not a bit-part of someone else’s imbecilic ego-propulsion mechanisms
you are not playing a walk-on role for anyone
your identity is not defined by the props you see around you
nor are you that which props itself up proudly in your mirror.

you are not a part of anyone or anything
you are a whole of a Soul that cannot be divided
that must not allow others ever to control.

In an emerging new world,
your Soul emerges as the new identity.

Right by your side, we’re soul-to-soul with these divine little roadmaps: