This is how it ends…

…for ‘Faith’ can only be described as believing or trusting something or someone without requiring proof or evidence. And now, as the ‘fact checkers’ move in to monitor our methods of disseminating ‘our word’, challenge the integrity of even our most influential speakers, reporters, advocates, gurus, seers and youtube prophets, the veracity of their accounts, their sources or systems of gathering information are all slowly coming under scrutiny and disputation.

So who gets to be the final arbiter on what people can read/hear and believe, and what then must be censored or banished?

While some may view religion as merely a beautiful construct of human imagination propagated by its leaders, others see it as a profound expression of human spirituality and a source of meaning and purpose in life. Similarly so with astrology. It takes faith to buy into it. But how does it differ from the narratives pitched to us by those who challenge our faith? After all, what we believe – our faith- is a deeply personal and meaningful aspect of our lives, something that provides us with a sense of purpose, guidance, and hope. Our faith inspires us to act with compassion, generosity, selflessness and kindness, offering comfort and solace in times of hardship and adversity. Ultimately, the question of the validity of religious and spiritual beliefs, even exorbitant fantasies, is a matter of personal perspective and individual conviction, which takes into account a variety of factors, including cultural background, upbringing, education, personal experience and trauma and basic individual tastes preference.

If you’re agog at what you read or hear coming out of other peoples’ mouths, aghast at what to make of it all, then just know – their faith in any narrative is what keeps it together for them in this beautifully impossible and often perfectly messed-up universe. I can say this becomes a most pressing issue during this week, when the illuminating but contentious Aries SUN combusts JUPITER, in semisquare to SATURN in Pisces, and I can go on and on about this (as I often do), but this will mean nothing to those who don’t care to understand astrology as a system of divination, and I respect that, although it hurts, or at least frustrates me to occasionally have it challenged or disputed by the sceptics, cynics and even the ‘fact-checkers’. And I bet if we dig in hard enough, we can find a righteous reason to discredit and debunk anything, cancel anyone – if our contrary beliefs deem it so…

But who on earth are we to judge the beliefs of others, so long as they don’t cause harm to others or violate fundamental human rights? This is a question that’s been asked throughout history, and though the answer is not always clear, a sea of blood has been spilt to defend it. In any society that values free speech and individual autonomy, it can be difficult to draw the line between what is acceptable and what is not and when we must stand up and defend what is patently unjustifiable. As this week progresses into next week’s Aries eclipse, we must take note that the sheer force of our belief-driven actions can have horrendous consequences, and we all have a responsibility to consider the impact of our words and the effects of our most rash actions toward others.

As for the role of fact-checkers and the media in monitoring information, let’s just acknowledge that there is a lot of toxic misinformation and propaganda out there that can be harmful to individuals and society as a whole. Our systems are not perfect, by any means; in fact, it appears as if they are corrupt as hell, at times armed like dogmatised demons with a self-serving agenda and it’s a shame in this advanced age, but they at least help to raise some crucial questions of how best to respect individual beliefs and perspectives whilst also ensuring that people have access to accurate and reliable information that is grounded in evidence and what we collectively must accept as ‘reality’.

In the end, and with a whole new system of control about to emerge, that end is nigh; it will be up to each individual to decide what they believe and how they choose to act on those beliefs. While we may not always agree with the beliefs of others, we must not cast shade, strive to treat each other with kindness and respect, and if we’re going to have faith in one thing, unilaterally as a species, it is that we are working (and even fighting) towards a world where all individuals are able to live rich, fulfilling and meaningful lives.