…the small slice you can savour once you cease lusting after ‘having’ the whole thing.

When Venus is on the North Node (Tuesday), expect a harmonious and serendipitous time in social and romantic lives. An innate ability to be in the right place (here) at the right time (now) opens a portal to the appreciation of new friendships, business alliances, and romances that can give you a taste of joy, happiness and success. Once you stop lusting at it, planning it, wanting so badly to own it and control it, you attract precisely the very thing, person and opportunity that you deserve. It’s effortless and free, thanks to the genial generous way you let it be. Karma for your past actions now rewards you.

While Venus can bring us the good things in life without too much struggle, too much of a good thing can also hinder your soul growth. Here Venus appropriates us, if only for a fleeting moment with the very thing we wished for, and, along with the New Moon in Aries, it is as much a promise as it is a warning to “be careful what you wish for”.