‘WAITING FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN’ – The Full Moon at 16°33′ Aries, Sunday Oct 09, 20:55 UTC

No Full Moon quite tears our souls apart like that which falls under the Aries/Libra dichotomy. Whoever you are, you probably wish to live an ideal, peaceful lifestyle, maintain cordial, pleasant relationships, love and be loved. Yet your equilibrium is easily tilted when you, or someone around you, gives in to equally strong urges for action and excitement.

We’re humans; our moods fluctuate from high to low, and we flip between moments where everything seems balanced and easy to needing to plunge impulsive­ly into new and exciting activities, then feeling paralysed by the myriad of alternatives to consider, unable to commit to any one thing. Hence we risk either scattering our energies to please ourselves or falling trapped into our complacency, lethargy and inaction.

The Moon in Aries indicates emotions are raw; instincts are primitive and fiery, and reactions are immediate, blunt and premature, yet forceful enough to raze our conscious will. An irresistible haste or rashness permeates the collective vibe, and we witness otherwise ordinary, everyday folks feel compelled to act out in ways they’ve not done before, usually without thinking. In contrast to the Libra Sun, who tends to overthink even the slightest little gesture, only to deem it somehow inappropriate later, this lunation is a recipe for upsets.

Upsets are absolutely imperative to foil periods of inertia, ennui or energetic deadlocks. Things have been still for way too long, going stale, weak, and ineffectual. An explosion of energy seems necessary to break the stalemate, but is there enough gas in the tank to make anything happen now, or is it all just a lot of fancy-sounding talk and wishful thinking?

One might expect that a Mars-ruled Ram Moon would ignite all the heat necessary to spark arguments, protestations and wars, especially when conjunct with Chiron, whose wounds are easily aggravated and whose psychosis is inclined to kick in. Yet Mars is currently slowing to retrograde in Gemini, forming a square to Neptune, effectively dampening his strike.

Mars’ rulership adversely affects all Aries-placed planets (Moon, Jupiter, Chiron, Eris). For one, there is a pervading hesitancy about taking any action at all, and when we do, it feels slightly ill-timed, awkward and somewhat pungent and rude. For another, there’s a sense that what we do now might need to be undone and redone again later. Mars turns retrograde on October 30, effectively retracing steps he’s marched along from early September till early January when the warrior god will turn direct again.

Mars (Red Line) stations to retrograde within <5º in square to Neptune (Aquamarine line)

For most of October-November, Mars remains square to Neptune, which is a bummer because strange forces deflate, dispirit and dishevel our drive to take action, we misuse or abuse our physical energy, there is a desire to cheat, harm or exploit others, and the propensity to fall into self-destructive pursuits and agents (such as narcotic drugs and alcohol). Misdirecting our sexual energy leads to increased moodiness, quick-irritability, discontentment, and feelings of impotence and inferiority. The ‘good’ side to this? We learn to control ourselves and hold firm energetic boundaries against Mars’ sneaky, cheeky, sleazy attempts to get through our sensitivities and weak spots.

This warped set of outcomes is only augmented by the Libra Sun, who, in her fall, is at her most sluggish and indecisive, ceding her agency and authority by obliging or pandering to the will of others. The Sun’s conjunction with Venus, an alignment that will persist till the end of this month, further softens the Sun’s decisive purpose and poise as she obsesses more with how things look than how things are.

By the time the Aries Moon reaches the full height of culmination, the raw, highly reactive emotions will be tinged with feelings of Chiron’s ‘rejection and inadequacy’ issues. Terrified of expressing our natural, most atavistic instincts lest others judge us for not being ‘civilised’ or ‘spiritually aware’ or ‘mature’ enough, we feel confronted with judgements, threatened by a sense of guilt and shame. Social pressure to conform is surfacing everywhere, especially since the Libra Sun forms an air Grand Trine to malefics, Mars and Saturn.

Also critical here is Pluto‘s stationing to turn direct near the final degrees (26°♑07’) of the harshly deprecating Capricorn. Pluto, distant ruler of the underworld, applies his corporate-style power plays to hold this entire planet’s subconscious death anxieties under total control using dark, subversive means. Hence, any conflict we are facing under this lunation is more likely to be raging deep inside, psychologically suppressed from coming to the surface in any healthy way, which is a concern since past traumas, abuses, and destructive patterns of behaviour are likely to be released outward once he turns direct, particularly in our most significant relationships. For healing to occur, there must be some acknowledgement of a problem. Unless we are willing to work on our darker aspects, Pluto here holds everyone under his hypnotic spell of soul possession and masterfully stealthy manipulation.

Deep down in the psyche, raging trans-generational battles become so heavy and intense that they threaten to crush our desires and passions or operate at the crudest levels, ready to erupt like a vol­cano into cruel and destructive be­haviours. Much individual (heart-centred) Sol-light must be applied to contain these atomic-level explosions as Libra Sun starts to square Pluto ver the next 10 days.

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Sure, it’s a cardinal lunation, so we must take some initiative to do something… anything constructive. However, the crestfallen Libra Sun is a reminder that it’s hard to get anywhere without support, and though its best to find a dependable external reference point; consult a partner (or counsellor) who will help, we’re much more inclined to find a villain to blame for all our worldly woes, pour ourselves a martini and leave it to ‘someone else’ to fix our problems, maybe tomorrow, next week or, meh… whenever.

It stands to reason that we live in a world supersaturated with thoughts and opinions. Yet, with things being in such a state of disarray, many of us feeling either paralysed, confused, reluctant or apathetic to take any action that’s going to have a lasting impact, the default would be to ‘wait for something to happen’.

Initiative is necessary, but again, it will take more than time to change things. You actually have to change them yourself. The simple advice is to focus on the present. Like surfing, maintaining your poise and equilibrium can only be a moment-to-moment matter, for we do not know which direction the wave will turn, and it behoves us to stay vigilant for every cue on what the next move will be.

Something always has to give on a Full Moon, and with a Scorpio Solar Eclipse only a couple of weeks away, we are on the verge of making a massive spiritual upgrade. Whether or not we make the right decision, the universe, which has no fixed agenda – just pure universal love- rallies around that decision. In essence, there is no right or wrong, only the cosmic field to support you, whichever direction you choose to move.

At times like this, your in-depth cosmic horoscope messages are here to guide you. So here, may these readings provide you with just the perspective you need!

Sending many blessings, and may you have an amazing Full Moon xx

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(Cover Art by Ingrid Tussel)