‘LET’S END THIS THE NICE WAY, SO NO ONE GETS HURT’ – The Astrology of the Aries Full Moon, Sunday Oct 09 [Cosmic Bus #2241]

When the Moon turns Full in Aries, emotions are raw, instincts are primitive and direct, moods impulsive and stormy and forceful enough to influence our conscious will... how will the Libra Sun respond?

In this episode, Ang takes a look at the key players in this lunation: the MOON's conjunction to CHIRON, the opposition to SUN/VENUS, the Grand Air Trine between the SUN and malefics MARS/SATURN, and discusses the dynamic between storming ARIES and cool, calculating LIBRA.

In the next few hours, an irrepressible hastiness or rashness starts to permeate the collective atmosphere, and ordinary, everyday folks are prone to react without thinking. This stands in contrast to the Sun in airy Libra, the authority who tends to overthink and never decide on any one direct action. Between action and inaction, turbulence and stillness, warmongering and peacemaking, there is you, having to make an important decision about a very consequential matter...

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