“FACING UP TO OUR DADDY-ISSUES” The Sun’s Opposition To Chiron, Friday, Oct. 07, 2022

The SUN now opposes CHIRON, and over the next few days, you may experience the fragility of bearing the pain of that deepest cut of all – the daddy denial.

Our relationship with our father, whoever that mysterious creature was to ourselves, others, and himself, remains an ever-present point of fascination… and hurt. We seek to know him, understand him as much as we seek to know ourselves. Yet, with the Sun opposite Chiron, the distance seems vast. We see him from afar, and he appears a flawed, broken and troubled figure.

The Sun, the creative force, bestower of life, light, warmth, and affection of the heart, bequeaths us with the spirit of confidence we need upon entering this world. Was our father glad to see himself continuing in us? Was he beaming with joy to be the origin of our life? Was he proud of us? His blessing means everything, and we may desire it most now.

Without it, we suffer low self-esteem and self-confidence, issues of anxiety and depression, anger and rage, we may form too loose or too rigid boundaries with others, and our relationships are fraught with emotionally unavailable partners while our childrearing is imperilled with repeating the pattern of being an emotionally absent parent.

The childhood emotional neglect or trauma wound is a perpetuating cycle that, when seen from a distance, can be healed. The first step is acknowledging your darker emotions. This may feel difficult for you. Finding someone who can discuss your father-wound and how it impacts you today is important. Perhaps your partner or a trusted friend can help you to fully shed some light on painful memories or events to do with parental heartbreak and assist you to find some forgiveness for all those who failed to show up for you.

Above all, these next few days may be a time when you must come to realise that you are enough and were not responsible for your father’s behaviour or choices.

The ‘significant’ parent – the one who shines brightest, even in their flaws is indicated by the Solar influence. The worst kind of experience with this parent, perhaps s/he was addicted to substances, was abusive, lying and otherwise unreliable, can be deeply damaging. If you feel stuck in anger, self-reproach, etc, this can manifest in many ways through your primary relationships and can use some counselling to unravel the pain, forgive and begin the process of letting go (or at least not feeling triggered).

This aspect becomes tighter towards Friday (Oct 07, 10:48 UTC). A dignified VENUS in Libra conjoins the SUN in bringing some peace & harmony if healing past trauma becomes the focus of our intention here. As always, CHIRON holds the key to unlocking the abundance of joy and vitality that lies over the rainbow. A little perspective and some show of love and compassion instead of projection and blame for those suffering from the pathos incurred by that age-old daddy-wound…