“I SEE THINGS DIFFERENTLY” Mercury’s Opposition to Neptune (Sep 28- Oct 6)

[art: hugh kretschmer]

Over the past few days, MERCURY has been retrograding into Virgo, and though it will not exactly oppose NEPTUNE, its confusing, distorting effects will be evident in our relationships.

An inability to distinguish between reality (what is) and fantasies (what we wish it to be), and our sensitivity or impressionability to external influences cause inner insecurity, doubts and an inability to over-stretch ourselves to face life’s existential truths.

“Can’t” and “won’t” handle it is the immediate reaction.

There is much going on now that we do not wish to face or perhaps struggle to make others see. The world is awash with a kind of cognitive dissonance, a contradictory set of impressions which, on a more subtle level, we might register as a creepish feeling of unease, disquiet and a lack of trust in others.

Under the current skies, where all outer planets are transiting in retrograde on the other side of the SUN, imagining conspiracies and entering a paranoid state seems likely, and not perhaps unwarranted, albeit for unclear reasons. For instance, with MERCURY in Virgo, the average worker is becoming distrustful that they are merely a cog in the faceless corporation’s industrial machine, lubricated only by the mental lure of a weekly wage that cannot stretch to cover daily expenses; hence their labour or service ceases to be a cumbersome but intrinsically meaningful spiritual experience and feels more like a disembodied utilitarian chore and existential drudgery.

We suspect that we’ve been taken for a ride on so many other levels, too; although we may struggle to corroborate this notion logically when put to the test, choosing to recede, evade or fold into our fantasies or victimhoods.

Mercury now slows to a halt almost precisely opposite Neptune for the next week or so. It must be noted that disillusionment with our work and services is now at epidemic levels, globally. As Mercury turns direct (this weekend) and heads back into Libra on Oct 10, those few who are able to get some perspective using reason and facts are most rigorously reaching a conclusion that, ultimately, the infinite, ‘magical’ essence of things is beyond logic and cannot be grasped, let alone compensated. This can be most frustrating mentally, especially when one feels misunderstood, undervalued and exploited beyond means.

As MARS in Gemini also slows to square, then station-retrograde-direct against NEPTUNE through OCT-NOV, a most fascinating development transpires in the way we view the global existential anxiety, now seizing over society as a tenebrous mental fog. As latent brewing frustrations and aggression is taken out, especially on the group that refuses to go along with ‘the narrative’, we witness something that has not been seen for over 80 years…

Squares (tensions) to Neptune affect the imagination – the nebulous energetic forcefield between the conscious and subconscious mind that is readily clouded by projection and subjectivity. The lesson here is often one of gaining wisdom by overcoming our tendency to fantasise, romanticise and idealise things to the point where we may be vulnerable to the creepy negative forces due to not perceiving what is in front of us clearly.

Protracted periods of squares or oppositions (see above), indicate times when departure from logical reality, or psychosis, is highly prevalent in our mental state, circumventing the capacity of any given planetary energy to operate via its conventional channels, producing a warped or entirely distorted effect.