“Hating on Others” SATURN opposition SUN

“Look at me! I’m really hating on that witch…. chucking rocks at the witch! You see how much I hate witches! Means I’m definitely NOT a witch myself!”

When I shame you for being a bad person, that means I’m definitely not a bad person myself! It means I’m a good person! When I act really really outraged and offended like that, means I’m a really really good person!”

Shame on them witches…

Namasté 🙏

♄ ∠ ♃ ∠ ♅/☊ □ ☉

The Sun’s opposition to Saturn only mirrors the internal conflict exteriorised into the outer environment. Any grumbling, point-and-shoot issue is simply one’s self-esteem and self-worth issues surfacing, where some extent of hidden insecurity and fears of total involvement in life are simply cast on the apparent misgivings and joys of others.

Saturn is a real bastard, craves what others have, and the Leo Sun appears to have it all – authority, agency, confidence, pride, creativity, the power to make his own light, love, generosity, childlike innocence…

Over in Aquariusland, we hate that. How dare he assume he’s good? Rocks please…

If you’re tense and uptight and trying to control things/others, then this may need to be relinquished. You need to find ways of self-relaxation, especially changing certain attitudes and loosening up, being more tolerant, accepting and understanding – else you could buckle under the strain of those self-imposed tensions, significantly as you see your enjoyment of life progressively diminish as you spin out on your hateful little tirades.

This is typical of the twitter wars and media campaigns to destroy someone’s good name. So un-humanitarian, but what do we expect from a Saturn Rx in Aquarius but arbitrary mob hysteria?

Cosmic tribe people, I’ve just returned from a short trip to the beach with family, I’ll have a new bus episode tomorrow, such exciting times, much interesting stuff to look at coming up in the days and weeks ahead xx